If your child is falling behind in school and you are looking for answers…

“How To Get Your Son or Daughter Excited About Improving Grades, Homework and Attitude....By Taking Advantage Of Their Favorite Medium.”

It doesn't matter if you're too busy, too stressed out, or totally fed up. This solution is guaranteed to help your child get better grades and complete their homework assignments.

Dear Concerned Parent,

Marcus is falling behind in school. Last year, he barely passed 7th grade…he is on pace to get held back in 8th.

His mom, Lisa is getting more frustrated by the day. She is considering learning centers and private tutors. Right now, she even tries helping Marcus with homework herself.

It's a constant battle.

Lisa can't take the nightly struggle with Marcus's homework anymore. It's been a long time since she has seen the school work Marcus is working on. She spends hours re-learning subjects long forgotten.

She recently gave up and started researching dozens of tutoring companies. Now, her goal is to find someone who can get Marcus excited about learning again.

After researching her tutoring options, this is what Lisa learned.

Tutoring Options



Tutoring Option #1

Learning Center

» long assessment given to all students

» qualified tutors

» overseen by director

» screenings

» extremely expensive

» must drive to location

» tutoring usually 5 students to 1 tutor

» does not excite most students


Tutoring Option #2

Private Tutor

»  tutor will drive to your home in some cases

»  qualified tutors

»  1 on 1 tutoring

»  negociable pricing


»  prices range from medium to high

» tutors might not be screened

»  scheduling can be a hassle

»  driving to meet tutor

»  Intimidating to most students


Tutoring Option #3

Online Tutoring

»  Don't have to leave home

»  technology kids love

»  Cheap

»  most don't offer voice inside online classroom

»  never the same tutor twice

»  tutors are not screened

»  Many services have 5 students working with 1 tutor


Tutoring Option #4


»  Tutoring from any computer

»  They take the time to care

»  Extra emphasis placed on study + organizational skills

»  online tutoring with voice

»  tutoring lessons can be printed

»  easy online scheduling

»  Students work with the same tutor

»  Tutors are trained by the National Tutor Institute

»  Guaranteed results


»  not the least expensive option

»  10 to 15 minute set up process for microphone


After all the research, Lisa signed Marcus up with Owl Online Tutoring who matched her son with a National Tutor Institute trained tutor.

What a change in Marcus!

There he was, eager to get on the computer and work on his homework.

The same child that did so poorly on tests was practicing test-taking techniques… and scoring higher grades. His relationship with mom was mending too.

She found a helping hand that not only dramatically boosted Marcus’s grades, but also made Marcus excited about learning again.

You can get the same help for your son or daughter. In the next week your son or daughter can:

Improve your child's next test score from a D to a B…
Add organizational skills that remove clutter from their minds…
Hit the “Feedback loop” that fuels their need to succeed…
Put your child inside the same “Alpha Zone” the best students get into for stress-free, consistent fast learning


"Parents" click here for a free demo & consultation

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The best thing is, you can stop struggling
to help them!

You don’t need to fight a new battle every night that causes turmoil. All you need… is to tap into learning strategies that leverage their current interests.

How can this be? How do you avoid all of the arguments… the time… and suddenly… and I do mean SUDDENLY… your child starts to achieve test scores like top performing students?

We created the National Tutor Institute to ensure each tutor who gets our seal of approval is indeed ready to commit 110% effort to help every parent and student the most out of their online tutoring program.

Your child won't just get a qualified tutor, you'll also get a tutor who cares!

This will allow your son or daughters first tutoring session to be more effective than you ever expected. An of course your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

By matching you with National Tutor Institute business owners, your child will:

  • Become excited about learning
  • Receive homework help with any subject grades k - 12
  • Have a tutor who puts extra emphasis on Study skills
  • Learn organization skills which will last a lifetime
  • Be assessed to measure academic goals

What we've learned along the way is this: traditional teaching methods don’t work for many of today’s kids.

Is your son or daughter excited about learning?

They're probably not. The main reason for this is simply boredom. They're bored in school and it's hard for them to stay focused when they are bored.

We can help you change this! Your child can be excited about learning. Let me explain...

Learn How Make TV Culture Work To Your Child's Advantage

According to CNN, between 1982 and 2002 there has been a 25% decline in teenage readers. Does it seem like this parallels with the growth of cable and satellite TV?

Kids these days have more choices on the tube than ever before… and they are taking advantage of it. As an educator I’ve noticed shorter attention spans. Perhaps you’ve noticed it too.

I recently read research that implied the quick-cut editing in children’s shows… and advertising are the culprits.

Whatever the cause, kids expect entertainment more than ever.

Here’s what that means to you. Stimulating the learning process in a more entertaining way by using multimedia has become more critical than ever.

Kids love interactivity. By plugging engaging elements into the learning process, it becomes more fun. And that means they are more willing to spend time learning.

According to a study done by Georgetown University  “Multimedia is a powerful and efficient source for acquiring learning resources.”


So How Do You Tie These Principles Together?

Simple...Watch This

Did you watch the virtual tour? Please watch it before reading on!

Click here to see how online tutoring works
(high speed)

Click here to see how online tutoring works (dial up)


More reasons to get excited

Shari, Patty, Colleen and I have had the chance to enrich the education of countless kids with our online tutoring classroom. It’s our passion to combine the latest in tools and technology… to deliver a uniquely effective solution to tutoring.

The National Tutor Institute we created allows trained tutors to teach kids from around the country… and we have achieved exceptional results.

Imagine the positive changes in your child’s attitude, desire and habits… once they work one-on-one with their own private online tutor.

It doesn’t matter if your son or daughter is in 4th grade… or high school. We’ll hand-pick a National Tutor Institute tutor who will match up great with your son or daughter. Some of the finest educators from across the country are apart of our extraordinary team.

This is tutoring like you’ve never seen before.

Sure, there are other tutoring options which I outlined above and one
of those options might be right for you.

But if you want more tailored experience with tutors who really care … plus the added comfort of us overseeing the process, keep reading and I’ll tell you how it all works.

The National Tutor Institute was created to give you and each parent exactly what you need 

Since 2003, when we first got started with our online tutoring service, we found out quickly that tutors who worked for us did not care as much as we did.

The solution was right in front our eyes, but it took a while to see it. We had dozens of people begging us for online tutoring jobs every day. Since we could not find tutors who cared like we did, we decided to stop offering online tutoring jobs and start offering online tutoring businesses.

Next thing you know, those same people who were begging us for jobs, were now given the opportunity to start their own online tutoring businesses. Once they started tutoring their own students, they started showing more pride, satisfaction and most importantly, they cared, just like we did.

Things took off quick and before we knew it, we were spending hours per day training our National Tutor Institute tutors to over deliver to all parents and students who enrolled.

We'll match your child with a trained
National Tutor Institute tutor

Once you take advantage of our introductory offer by completing your payment, my team and I will go to work for you. We'll start by reviewing the information you provide us at the time of sign up.

Then we'll provide you with the perfect tutor match taken from our pool of National Tutor Insitute registered tutors. Once we decide on your tutor, we'll contact them and review the information you provide us at the time you sign up.

Then your tutor will call you to get started. You'll be amazed how much we over deliver to you and your child.

Before your child's first 1 hour tutoring session even begins, you'll receive:

  • an in-depth phone consultation
  • a self study skills evaluation
  • the straight A strategy ebook

There are more details below about the extra attention you and your child will receive.

We instructed each National Tutor Institute tutor to provide you with $296 worth of free bonuses before your child even has his or her first 1 hour tutoring session.

That's how committed we are to your child's success with our program and your satisfaction as a parent.

You can count on your tutor to care about your child's academic successs more than any other teacher or tutor you ever dealt with before. This is our guarantee to you!

After your child's first 1 hour tutoring session, if you decide to enroll into a monthly account with your tutor, we'll be monitoring every session and debriefing your assigned tutor to ensure everything is going great.

If you ever have a question or concern that your tutor can't handle, we are always available at 1-866-OWL-TUTOR. In most cases, your tutor will provide you with everything you need, but rest assured, we are always available to you.


Put our team to work for you

I’m Scott Palat. I received my education degree in 2003. My teaching career did not last long, because I noticed how many students were being left behind by our current educational system.

I felt that I had no choice, but to leave my childhood dream of becoming a teacher behind. After student teaching, I realized I would be forced to teach the way the administrators wanted, but not the way I knew would be most affective for the student.

Instead of taking a teaching job, I focused on building an online learning system designed to help students and actually get them excited to learn again. During this time, I assembled a team of people who felt the same way I did.

My team and I, have over 27 years of teaching experience in schools (they stuck it out longer than me), along with 10 and a half years of online tutoring experience, administrative, leadership and management experience.

Patty Zimmerman,Shari Nielsen and Colleen Palat (sister in law) have sons and daughters who are currently learning the same way your child is. We are dedicated to giving students a tutoring option that actually excites them.

Shari Nielsen has been teaching Middle school and High school for over 12 years. On top of this, she has been a true leader since the first day we lauched our online tutoring service.

For over 3 years, Shari has consulted hundreds of parents just like you about their son's and daughter's learning needs. She tutored hundreds of hours herself also matched tutors with students once we got too busy.

Colleen Palat has been teaching special education for over 13 years. She's worked with kid, teenager and adult special education students. For the past 3 years, she has also consulted with parents and matched students with tutors.

Patty Zimmerman has over 15 years of management, customer service and administrative experience. She helps us keep organized and has been managing Shari and Collen schedules and assigning tutors for the past 3 years.

Shari Nielsen
Colleen Palat
Patty Zimmerman


My team and I have been tutoring online together since 2003 when we launched ehomeworkhelp.com. We began tutoring students from every grade level including learning disababled and accelerated students.

As you can imagine, this sporadic homework help service was overwhelming and it did not allow us to really get to know the parent
or the student. The student just hopped on our website anytime to get help, but there was no other communication.

From 2003 - 2005 we offered our online tutoring service at live-etutor.com. This website was an immediate success because we took the time to consult with the parent, match each student with a tutor who continually worked with them.

Soon after launching this type of tutoring service, the word spread quick and parents were raving about the service we provided. We were forced to hire tutors to help us keep up with the demand.

This is when we learned that "caring" can't be taught. It has to be a desire from within the tutor.

So in late 2006, we create owlonlinetutoring.com and now we pride ourselves on "taking the time to care".

How can we do this?

Because we only work with tutors who start their own business with the National Tutor Institute which we created. After each tutor goes through our extensive training, they are given approval to start their own online tutoring business with all of our online learning tools.


It’s much easier than you could ever guess

When your time is short and you’re overworked, let my team of
National Tutor Institute tutors handle the tutoring.

Your tutor will personally consult with you about your child's learning needs.

They'll ask questions and gather information about your child. You'll talk about his or her challenging subjects, personality, habits.

Your tutor usually ends up taking a lot of notes. You may too.

We put a lot of thought into matching your child with the right National Tutor Institute tutor. It’s worth our time to select an educator with the right skills to help your child grow.

We will ensure your tutor works out an individualized plan to give your young one exactly what they need.

Our tutors are screened and cleared to teach only after passing criminal and child abuse background checks. I know you can’t be too careful these days.

Your National Tutor Institute tutor will…

Instill the high performance mindset of top students… eliminating mental blocks your son or daughter may have
Motivate your child firmly with positive feedback and boost self image
Work with your child's current abilities and fortify skills, habits and confidence
Tutor any subject they need, Math, Algebra, Geometry, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Language Arts, Social Studies, English, History and more...Grades 4-12
Help complete homework so they absorb lessons like a sponge and get high test scores
Turn “potential” into tangible improvements on report cards. No more tension about grades!

The way we designed the program to work is based on your child’s unique needs. We don’t believe in a cookie-cutter approach to tutoring… because we know your son or daughter is an individual. We'll cater to their specific requirements, designing a unique high performance plan.

We tap into their current love of entertainment in a whole new way. With our specially designed system, your child is guided by a hand-picked tutor in a dynamic multimedia environment.

There’s plenty of proof that supports why our concept works so well.

According to Don Menn of San Francisco State University: “…interactive multimedia--properly developed and properly implemented-- could revolutionize education.”

According to R. Mayer (Educational Psychologist, 1997), “When applied to multimedia learning, generative theory presumes that mixed modes of delivery (text, graphics, audio, video, animation, etc.) affect the level at which learners employ cognitive processes to acquire knowledge.”

Picture your child using the computer they already associate with pleasure… to boost their grades and confidence. They’ll actually look forward to sessions. And you’ll be thrilled.

We use the power of sight and sound in a unique way. All you need is a computer, access to the Internet, a microphone and speakers. (If you don’t already have a microphone, you can find one at any office supply store for under $10)

Your son or daughter gets two-way communication with their tutor over the Internet. When they have a question… all they need to do is ask! It’s just like talking to them on the phone… then we layer on the visual element.

They tap into cutting edge whiteboard technology… so they can draw or type in any color they wish. Math and Chemistry problems are a breeze to work on. Think of it as a “virtual chalkboard” that adds a visual component to the learning process.

Each session can be printed out, so your child can review the material too.

It’s just like working side by side with your tutor. Only more fun!

Our system works for anyone! Whether you are on AOL, MSN… any Internet service provider and any browser. Even if you’re on a dial up connection… our system still works fast!


ADD/ADHD? No Problem!

Visual learning strategies help students process more information. It helps students organize information easier… and stimulates their creative thinking. By adding the auditory component, we create a more multi-sensory environment that boosts concentration.

I have tutors who specialize in kids with learning challenges. They use the most current strategies. Many of these kids are gifted with high intelligence but do not yet know how they learn best. We will make them aware of their strengths and weaknesses and get them focused and excited about learning.

Here’s What Parents Just Like You Say

As you can see… online tutoring works. This is only a fraction of the notes we get from parents and students!

So what are you waiting for? Good grades are right around the corner!

Yes Scott , I want my child to get one-on-one tutoring!

One thing you need to know first…


We’ve Got To Be Serious About Helping Kids
To Offer This…

We are so committed to delivering on the promise of a fun and effective learning environment… we are throwing in a few bonuses for giving us a try.

I am confident once you try our online tutoring service, you'll gladly sign up for one of our monthly tutoring programs and watch in amazement as your child is transformed into the straight A student you always dreamed of.

FREE Bonus #1
Two phone consultations with your
National Tutor Institute tutor! ($98 Value)

After signing up, you’ll get a call from your National Tutor Institute tutor. You'll get to know each other and you can share some information about your son or daughter.

Have a pen and paper handy, they'll give you some ideas you'll want to remember.

After the initial tutoring session, your tutor will consult with you again…after I have a chance to de-brief the tutor. We'll talk about some strategies to improve your child's weak spots…and how you can continue using us… if you like.

If you do decide to enroll in one of our monthly programs, rest assured that you'll hear from your tutor frequently. Your child will learn at a faster rate than you thought possible.


Bonus #2
“The Straight A Strategy”
($99 Value)


Bonus #3
“Study Skills Self-Evaluation”
($99 Value)

This special workbook is the direct result of a one year collaboration between teachers and straight A students. The study focused on top students study routines… and what separated them from “average” students.

Your child will complete the evaluation on his or her own. Then they will understand how to study more efficiently. Once your child understands this… it's common to be able to do homework in half the time!

Your youngster will immediately have feedback to lay the foundation for speedy improvement.


Your Child's First Tutoring Session

You can give your youngster the gift for his or her future by taking advantage of this special trial offer.

Professional tutoring can run as high as $100 per hour in New York City or LA. That's out of reach for many of us.

Some tutoring chains make you sign a long term contract, locking you into paying. Even if you don't need them anymore. It can run into thousands.

The main reason you should sign your son or daughter up right now is because no one cares like we do! This type of service is very hard to provide, but since we personally train all National Tutor Institute tutors, you're guaranteed to get a qualified, caring and screened tutor.

I want you to know how much I value the opportunity to see your child learn to succeed in school and long after.

This is an online test, but we can't promise how long this offer will last.

How Certain Am I That You Will Get Results?

I told you earlier that I don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. I want you to feel 100% comfortable that your child will improve study habits, attitude and grades. So I offer a guarantee unlike any other tutoring service.

You pay only $35 and if you don't feel your National Tutor Institute tutor gave your child more than you ever expected, you get a complete refund and you keep the $296 in bonuses!

It’s a loving investment in your child’s future, and a decision that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your son or daughter.

Get Your Child Started Right Here, Right Now


To your child’s future,

Scott Palat

P.S. That’s right; you can try us out on our $35 introductory offer and if you don’t like what we do for your child, you lose nothing and you get to keep $296 in bonuses!


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